A Hard Luck Story

Sneak Peek: Three Chapters  
Grab your tissues folks, because compared to this guy’s tale of woe, Murphy’s Law is just small potatoes, chump change.
It started not long after our hero Dan skipped out on a huge debt in Arizona. He had himself convinced that a fresh start in the Sunshine State was all that he needed; his troubles would soon be over.
But we all know what happens in stories like this one. It isn’t long before the angry bookie catches up with the poor sap, sending a crystal clear message about what will happen if our hero doesn’t pay.
Without much time to come up with the needed dough, Dan is forced to join his new pal Simon in a scam that promises some quick cash. But that ain’t all.
On top of his money troubles, Dan is having trouble sleeping (wonder why?) and he worries that he’s betraying the residents at the seniors’ residence he manages, people he affectionately refers to as antiques.
Oh, and he’s trying to keep all of this a secret from the best girlfriend he’s ever had.
Yes, Dan is living in denial. He’s hoping that his life will soon get back to normal, ignoring the fact that the circus has come to town and that his life has become a regular sideshow attraction.

 Meet the Perpetrators

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